Whey Protein For Sports Nutrition

Whey Protein For Sports Nutrition

Whey protein is a good quality protein excellent for sports nutrition.  Whey protein is also great for weight loss, wound healing, immune support, blood sugar management, healthy aging, and vitality.

Why Whey Protein

It is a naturally occurring protein found in dairy milk.  It is a rich source of essential amino acids needed on a daily basis by the body.  Whey protein is highly regarded in sports nutrition for its quality protein, amino acid profile, and anti-inflammatory ability.  It has the ability to support glutathione production via its high cysteine content which is also viewed positively.

Weight Management

Whey protein has an excellent amino acid profile.  This helps maintain lean muscle tissue and is low in fat and carbohydrate.  Its high content of leucine has been associated with the preservation of lean muscle tissue.  Whey protein contains bioactive components that help stimulate the release of two appetite suppressing hormones.  Whey protein post-exercise may lead to a reduced intake of calories during a meal an hour afterward.


When the body is working to heal wounds and surgical incisions it requires increased amounts of protein. A deficient intake of protein will result in negative nitrogen balance, thereby significantly impairing the wound healing response.  Protein and its amino acids are the building blocks that initiate the growth and repair of lean body tissue.  Whey protein’s excellent amino acid profile may help regulate the immune system which is challenged during the healing process.

Healthy Ageing, Muscle and Bone Preservation

In conclusion, whey protein may offer superior protein synthesis and reduced muscle loss in the elderly.  Especially relevant is whey protein has a good content of calcium and has been shown to support bone health.

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