Weight Loss Tips To Remove Stubborn Fat

Weight Loss Tips To Remove Stubborn Fat

Weight loss tips to remove stubborn fat.  Yes it can be achieved with specifically nourishing whole foods, exercise and for me superfood smoothies and yoga.

Pack In The Protein

Chicken, beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, seeds, fish and occasionally red meat.  Our 30-day nutrition program includes a fantastic whey protein integral for weight loss.   Quality protein enjoyed throughout the day balances blood sugar levels.  Balanced blood sugar levels are vital for weight loss.

Dodge Inflammatory Foods

Ditch inflammatory foods including gluten, sugar, coffee, soda, energy drinks, alcohol and processed foods.

Hydration Hits

Aim for 35 ml water per kg of body weight.  So if you weigh 60 kilos that’s 2 litres per day.  Add a slice of fresh lemon and/or a slice of fresh ginger to help alkalize your body.  Herbal teas count as part of your 2 litres. If you drink a cup of coffee or caffeine, add an extra glass of water.  Caffeine dehydrates your body.  Enjoy whole foods with high water content including; soups, broths, melons, green leafy vegetables, apple, cucumber and cinnamon.

Ditch Sugar

Sugar may drive many of our health conditions, spike your blood sugar, tax your immune system, and rob your body of vital minerals.  Sugar is highly addictive and floods your body with insulin.  Insulin is the dietary hormone that signals your body to store fat.

Nutritional Cleansing

Cleansing is especially effective for removing stubborn fat.  A new study evaluated Isagenix for weight loss in relation to its association with the release of toxins and reduction of oxidative stress. Many clients who experience difficulty with weight loss, lack of energy or have hit a weight loss plateau find a nutrition program works wonders.

Get Juiced Up

A nutrient dense juice is a fantastic way to get a blast of nourishment.  A cleansing juice is fantastic for cleansing your liver, kidneys and is also a great bowel cleanser.

Superfood Smoothies

A 30-day nutrition program is packed with superfood smoothies.  Everyday (apart from cleansing days) we indulge in two highly nutritious smoothies and one whole food meal.  Introduce a green smoothie to your day.  It can be a challenge to get enough leafy greens in everyday,  so drinking a green smoothie is a great way to get your greens in.

Check For Food Intolerances

Get a food allergy test or tune into your body to notice any reactions you have to certain foods.  For optimal health and certainly weight loss remove allergenic foods from your diet.

Work It!

Your body loves to move!  Find an exercise that really flicks your switch and get that sweat happening.   By sweating we are, among other things, increasing our metabolism, removing toxins, boosting our happy hormones and much more.  Daily yoga, walking, hiking, and swimming is how I work it.

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