Vitality Tips To Beat Fatigue

Vitality Tips To Beat Fatigue

Vitality is the name of todays game.  Meetings, deadlines, things to do and people to see.  Most of us today lead such fun, busy lifestyles.  Maintaining optimum vitality to keep up with the pace I find achievable with a nutritional cleansing program.  I see many women who are exhausted, stressed, over weight or overwhelmed.  A 30-day nutrition program gives my clients great results for all these conditions.

Nutrition Program

Eat good quality protein little and often.  Wholefoods, unprocessed ingredients, slow-releasing carbohydrates, healthy fats to maintain alertness and balance blood sugar levels throughout the day.  Sub-optimum nutrition is the most common cause of chronic fatigue.  The main nutrients required for energy production include niacin, vitamins C, vitamin B’s, iron and magnesium.   Energise with adaptogenic herbs which will naturally support the body’s ability to cope with anxiety, and fatigue.  They also rejuvenate and tone the adrenal system, which in turn promotes the healthy regulation of cortisol (the stress hormone).  Everyday I have a daily tonic of Ionix Supreme.  Ionix Supreme is full of essential vitamins, minerals and natural extracts to help support the body’s energy, stamina and health.


I find my energy levels are helped enormously with my daily yoga practice. For years I have been practicing and sharing Yogaglo with my clients.  Even just five minutes every day will make a difference.  Restorative yoga is a great way to wind down after a stressful day.

Eat Breakfast

Power up with a breakfast full of wholefoods, protein and healthy fats.  A healthy breakfast full of optimum nutrition is exactly what your body needs.

Ditch Sugar And Coffee

Avoid sugar, all refined foods and stimulants such as tea, coffee, chocolate and alcohol.  If you need a sweet hit try a chunk of chia and cacao bliss bar

Power Down Before Bedtime

Try to power down before bed.  Create an electronic free zone in your bedroom.  Remove all electronic devices including; computer, phone, and TV.  This makes a massive difference to the quality of my sleep.

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