Vitality For Busy People

Vitality For Busy People

Vitality for busy people.  Meetings, deadlines, negotiations and other work commitments can frazzle some and make others thrive. I hope these tips help you all thrive with vitality and productivity.

Vitality Tips

Nourish your body, you deserve it!  Enjoy small amounts of good quality protein throughout the day.  This will regulate your blood sugar levels, keep hunger at bay, prevents sugar cravings, improve your sleep, and help avoid the mid-afternoon energy slump.  I find a 30-day nutrition program works wonders for revitalizing my day.

Hydrate Your Body

Adequate hydration is essential for good concentration at work. Our brain needs water to function properly.  Don’t wait until you are thirsty because by then you are already dehydrated.  Drinking plenty of water with a few slices of lemon and/or ginger may help flush out toxins, improve flexibility and boost circulation.

Minimise Caffeine

Enjoy a fresh espresso in the morning and then switch to green tea. Drinking too much caffeine may deplete our adrenals which can be exhausting.

Take A Lunch Break

Eat your lunch slowly and away from your desk.  Apparently, if we disengage from our work for as little as five minutes, our productivity skyrockets.  Get outside and enjoy a walk in nature.

Fall In Love With Yoga

Get on your yoga mat for a few sun salutations.  This will help with stress release and allows your body to do what it loves doing, moving!

Drop The Superwomen Thing

Priorities your responsibilities.  Ask yourself ‘Is it essential that I check and respond to all of the emails in my inbox straight away?’  I love my lists to clear my mind.  No-one can be all things to all people and no-one is perfect.

Stretch & Chill Out

Our body is not designed to spend long periods in one position.  I love alternating my office chair with my Swiss Ball throughout the day.  Lots of little yoga moves at the desk are wonderful for releasing tension in the shoulders as is breathing deeply.  Don’t forget to breathe deeply from your diaphragm regularly throughout the day, especially if you are busy.

These are of course only a few health tips.  If you would like more tips specific to your lifestyle, please be in touch!  Comments, emails, PM’s or DM’s are most welcome.  Nic Makim is a nutritionist & health coach focusing on weight loss, cleansing, vitality and healthy aging.  Nic tailors nutrition programs and coaching to help you feel your best.  Simply drop Nic an email to have a chat about your health.

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