The Ultimate Guide To Cleansing

The Ultimate Guide To Cleansing

Cleansing is not an easy task.  Balancing those blood sugar levels and maintaining your energy is challenging.  Until I discovered Isagenix.  Toxicity is associated with such a vast array of health conditions that cleansing has become the cornerstone to optimal wellness.  Cleansing may help reduce your symptoms associated with your health condition and also help with the reduction in drivers of health conditions.

How Nutritional Cleansing Enhanced My Health

Improved vitality.

Lost stubborn fat.

Moved past my weight loss plateau that I had been stuck on for months.

Deeper and more refreshing sleep.

My digestion is the best it has ever been.

Feeling calm, centered and focused.

Mental clarity crystal clear.

I love my scales for the first time in years.

Deeper sense of appreciation for everything.

Feeling empowered that I have such an incredible gift to share with my friends, family and clients.  Especially my clients living in country Australia where optimum nutritious food isn’t readily available at an affordable price.  Isagenix nutritional cleansing program can be delivered to your door.

Why A Cleanse Is A Good Idea

Our bodies are super heroes at dealing with all the toxins we face in our world today.  But, I like to support my liver, as often as I can, so it can do its job optimally and effectively.  I say, as often as I can, because I love celebrating.  So, what can we do to keep our liver working at its best?  Among other things we can cleanse.

Lifestyle Tips To Support You During The Cleanse

Move your body for at least thirty minutes everyday to support lymphatic function.

Practice yoga, deep breathing, meditation or any other form of relaxation you love.

Drink two to three litres per day of filtered water daily.

Detoxify your environment – minimise the use of chemical cleaners, antiperspirants, pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, paints, solvents, plastics and hair sprays.

Limit toxic emotions and stress – consciously strive for a positive attitude and practice yoga, tai chi or medication.

Skin brushing – to ensure one of your main elimination organs is functioning effectively.

Coffee scrubbing your body with coffee granules from your local cafe.  Mix with coconut oil and your favourite essential oil.

Reward yourself – with massage, spa treatment or something that makes you feel wonderful.

Look and feel your best by addressing toxicity, stress and nutrient depletion with a nutrition program from Nic Makim a nutritionist offering bespoke nutrition programs, coaching, and blog to help you feel your best.

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