Tasty Healthy Fats

Tasty Healthy Fats

Tasty healthy fats don’t get any healthier or tastier than smoked salmon, for me.  Not all my clients love smoked salmon or eat fish.  That’s ok as there are many other choices of healthy fats.

How I Enjoy Tasty Healthy Fats

Slithers of smoked salmon with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of cracked black pepper.  Lemon has a healthy alkalizing effect in the body.

Add some ground nuts, seeds, and coconut oil into my smoothies.

Sprinkle Superfood Seed Mix all over my salads, soups, veggies or smoothies. I keep this mix in the fridge and put it on the kitchen tables next to our Himalayan rock salt

Splash Alkalizing Dressing on my veggies and salads.

Avocado on rye toast with a sprinkling of dukkha and feta.

Eat six almonds for a snack.

Almonds – I Love Them!

Almonds are a healthy fat which may help with many conditions including; dry hair, dry skin, and lowering bad cholesterol levels.  They also contain protein, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, high amounts of vitamin E, fibre, and antioxidants.  For clients who have a sensitivity to dairy, I suggest making homemade almond milk.  Amazingly, ¼ cup of almonds has almost the same amount of calcium as ¼ cup of dairy milk. Very cool if dairy products don’t suit you.  I store almonds in a tightly sealed glass container in a cool, dry place away from exposure to sunlight.  This protects them from rancidity and prolongs their freshness.

How I Enjoy Almonds

Chopped and mixed onto or into yoghurt.

Mixed through vegetable stir-fry just before serving.

Brilliant for the kid’s lunchboxes.

Sprinkled over porridge.

When cooking I love coconut oil as this oil has a high smoke point and does not go rancid when exposed to high heat, like olive oil.

To increase the therapeutic goodness out of nuts and seeds, grind them first or pre-soak overnight to activate all their nutritional enzymes.

Eating nuts and seeds with dried fruits can be difficult to digest for some.

Nic Makim is a nutritionist & health coach focusing on weight loss, cleansing, vitality and healthy aging.  Nic tailors nutrition programs and coaching to help you feel your best.  Simply email [email protected] I’d be honored to help you with your health!

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