Stress And What It’s Got To Do With Weight Gain

Stress And What It’s Got To Do With Weight Gain

Weight gain used to happen easily for me.  When I was running my cafe I was on the go all day.  My mind was always active, thinking, planning and worrying. Doesn’t all that burn calories?  So why was I putting on weight?


Why does stress cause some of us to lose weight, and prevent others from being able to shift it? The answer lies within our two nervous systems.  When the sympathetic nervous system is chronically elevated the body becomes resistant to important homeostatic functions.  In a process comparable to insulin or leptin resistance, sympathetic nervous system activity continues to increase.  But cells become less responsive.

How To Get Healthy Without Really Trying

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Sympathetic nervous system resistance is a common situation in obesity.  The sympathetic nervous system response may be activated by low-grade inflammation and high insulin levels.  A lack of sleep can also raise basal SNS levels.  This may increase appetite, particularly an individual’s preference for high fat, high carbohydrate foods. Reducing sympathetic nervous system activation and improving sleep quality are viable strategies to overcome this.  Compounding the chronic stress picture is cortisol. In excess, this crucial stress hormone breaks down muscle mass, causes insulin resistance, and raises appetite. Chronically elevated cortisol levels can suppress serotonin production.  As such an important driver of obesity, stress levels are assessed with every client desiring weight loss.

How I Shifted My Weight Gain

I needed to try something new, something different.  I tried a superfood nutritional cleansing program for my weight loss.  Little did I know of the other enormous health benefits I would gain.  Mental clarity, vitality and stress release was what I also experienced with our nutrition programs.  I was back to feeling my best.

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