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My Journey: From Cooking to Health & Wellness Coach

My name is Nic Makim and I started cooking for actors in England in 1990.  As a competitive point to point jockey, I had to know how to look after my body.  But it wasn’t until I became a mum to our gorgeous children; Joe, Sophie and Jock that I started to really learn about the enormous effect nutritiously delicious food has on our mind, body and health.

My primary focus is weight loss, cleansing and stress relief because these are the areas that I, as a fellow busy working mother need to address.  I know what works and how to nail these particular areas of health.  My health business is an extension of what I have spent years researching and what works for me and my clients globally.

Your Journey: To Looking & Feeling Your Best

1st Step – Kickstart Your Health ebook

This ebook gives you time effective strategies to integrate into your busy day.  These nourishing tips will definitely kickstart your health.

2nd Step – Wellness From Your Plate ebook

A collection of nutritional tips, foodie tricks, whole food shopping list, nutritious weekly meal plan and healthy recipes – check it out here.

3rd Step – Work With Me

What Do You Need Help With?

Specific Health Condition

Weight Loss


Stress Relief

Boosting Your Immunity

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