Raw Chia Cacao Brownie

Raw Chia Cacao Brownie

Raw cacao is rich in minerals, and antioxidants. Raw cacao may be extremely energizing, and stress-relieving. A raw chia and cacao brownie can be made in minutes.  Usually, I make raw desserts and treats with an organic stevia and organic coconut oil base.  This increases the minerals, antioxidants, healthy fat, energy and hormone support of cacao without the glycemic hit.  Occasionally, as with this recipe, I use rice malt syrup as it is fructose free.


1 cup chia seeds

3 cups nuts and seeds; pepitas, almonds, pistachios, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds

1/2 cups goji berries

1 cup almond butter

½ cup cacao powder

1 cup rice malt syrup

½ cup coconut oil


First of all, soak the nuts overnight.  By soaking nuts it increases nutritional availability, alkalizes the body, improves taste and improves digestibility.

Process the nuts and seeds together.

Mix nuts and seeds with rest of ingredients.

Press down into a greased lined tin.

Chill in the fridge for several hours until firm.

Raw Food

The raw foods movement has been going on for quite awhile. Many raw food advocates believe that food is best eaten in its natural state, with all the enzymes intact.  I avoid a diet solely based on raw foods.  Especially relevant if my clients have a weak digestive system, or suffer from allergies.  The cold, hard-to-digest nature of raw foods may weaken the digestive system.  As a result, this causes bloating, and poor absorption of the nutrients in foods.  Consequently, I suggest lightly steaming, sauteing or baking vegetables.  Raw desserts and treats are a healthier option.  Most importantly don’t overindulge in raw treats just because they are healthier.  They are still a treat.

Inspiring a Healthy Lifestyle

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