My Story

My Story

I’m sharing my story to explain what a french trained foodie and a fully qualified holistic nutritionist is doing selling ‘stuff’ from a box?  And why the ‘stuff’ in the box, which has transformed my health, is now an integral part of my health business.  I love helping people look and feel their best.  I think food is an integral part of looking and feeling our best.  And this is how my journey has evolved.


I love deliciously nutritious food!  I grew up cooking with granny preparing our family meals on our AGA.  We grew and ate with the seasons from our kitchen garden at home.  I ran my own catering business in England (catering for a few actors), had my own cafe in Australia and studied for years as a holistic nutritionist and naturopath.  My online health business is all about food.


I grew up in the most incredible farming family in East Anglia, England.  I competed on our point to point and show jumping horses.  Then I fell in love with Rob, an Australian Farmer.  I appreciate how much work goes into producing food and where our food comes from.


My palette developed from mum and grannies delicious food and during our French summer holidays.  Every year, granny, grandad and I meandered through France dining at Michele starred restaurants.  I then trained as a French Cordon Bleu cook.


Is everything to me!!  Together Rob and I have three fantastic kids and we love our little gang.  As a busy working mum I know how challenging it is to feed a family of five.  Especially teenagers.


Unfortunately, I know how short life can be.  Everything has to be fun.  I’ve crafted my online health business to be fun.  I have so much fun and love helping others look and feel their best.


Yup, I’m impatient!  I practice yoga to calm my impatience.  With my own health, weight loss, energy, and stress relief I need results fast.  My health business needs to give my clients fantastic results fast.

The ‘stuff’ is our nutritional cleansing system.  It gives me, my family and my clients fantastic, convenient, delicious nutrition and fast results.  It addresses inflammation and obesity from all angles.  Cooking whole food meals is also a massive part of our nutritional cleansing system.  I’ve researched the company, products and their scientific studies for years.  I love it!

As a busy working mum, I don’t have hours to spend using any of my cordon bleu cooking skills.  After selling my cafe I hit a weight loss plateau and had adrenal exhaustion.  Eating healthy, organic, clean food wasn’t working for me.  I needed to cleanse but didn’t have time to go off to a retreat.  So, after two years of being sceptical, I tried our nutritional cleansing system to see what all the fuss was about.  My results were incredible.  Mental clarity on point.  Weight off.  Energy up.  Stress chilled.  Digestion soothed.

Food doesn’t taste like it used to.  Nutrient depletion, I think, is the reason.  With our busy lives today our bodies require an enormous amount of nutritional goodness to function effectively, let alone be optimally healthy.  I am so grateful I have such an incredible nutritional tool that addresses so many areas of my health and lifestyle.

Be in touch if you’d like to know more.  I’d love to share with you.

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