Interview: Penny Wort, WellBeing Business

Interview: Penny Wort, WellBeing Business

WellBeing Business is an online magazine for the incredible business owners in the Aussie health & wellness space.  We share best practice tips, interview real success stories, share inspiration for people to grow their business and also look after themselves.  Penny is the driving force behind this inspiring magazine.  We are thrilled to have you join us Penny.

What drew you to the health and fitness industry?

I personally make the effort to get as much out of life by being healthy, happy and eco-conscious. I saw a gap in the market for a community where business owners with these priorities could hang out and grow from sharing information.

Biggest inspiration?

My bonkers and brilliant two-year-old daughter.

Favourite breakfast?

Eggs on toast.

Favourite foods?

Pad Thai + chocolate coated nuts.

Favourite Snacks?

Berries + bliss balls.

Three Daily Must Do’s?

Family cuddles + a cup of tea + a few proper deep breaths at the beach or park with my feet in the sand or grass.

Weekly Fitness Routine?

Run around after aforementioned nut case toddler + wind down yoga in my bedroom at night.

Biggest Business Lesson?

Well, the biggest lesson I’ve learnt is to really let your own personality shine through in your work. This works on a few levels; it demonstrates your commitment to your idea and that you really back yourself. This also sets you apart from the rest (only you can be you). It also creates a human connection behind the brand, and that’s the kind of conscious purchasing consumers are leaning towards today.

Most Valuable Business Tools Or Apps?

Oh gosh too many to list! I’m a tool fiend! My favourite app at the moment is fifty three. There’s a lot of this content on the best tools to help you run your biz over on yourwellbeingbusiness.com 

Favourite Motivational Quote?

“People who wonder whether the glass is half empty or half full miss the point. The glass is refillable.” — Simon Sinek


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