Interview: Kim Holmes, Nutritionist

Interview: Kim Holmes, Nutritionist

Kim Holmes Nutritionist is a wife and mother, who knows all too well about creating healthy families.  Having further studied childhood nutrition, keeping my family happy and healthy is what I was born to do.  I spent 10 years as a flight attendant.  Working crazy hours, eating what I thought was healthy food.  I knew it was time to make a change, a nutritious one.  Adding to my bachelor of health science, I qualified as a clinical nutritionist from The Australian College of Natural Therapies.  I furthered my studies with a certificate in paediatric nutrition after my youngest son was born.  You can never know too much about healthy living.  This is where the wellness journey begins.

Welcome Kim!

We’d love to know a bit about you and your business.

Hi there!  I am a nutritionist, healthy food lover and mum to Billie, 6 years and Baxter 4 years.  I have been running my nutrition business The Healthy Little B for just over 5 years and love what I do – educating mums, parents, carers and kids on how to live healthy happy nourished lives through one-to-one consultations, cooking demonstrations, writing articles and social media.

What is your driving force behind choosing to be fit and healthy?

I would have to say my family.  I truly believe that by being healthy and fit, not only can I be at my best physically and mentally for my children but also set fabulous examples for them to grow up with

Who’s work, do you find inspiring?

At the moment, I am loving Jamie Oliver.  His effortless approach + passion in creating healthy children and families is infectious and like nothing I have ever seen. He was born to help change + educate the world into a healthier one, how inspiring is that!

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

Breakfast in summer is usually a super smoothie (almond milk, frozen banana, linseeds, vanilla, protein powder, maca, nut butter, and probiotics)  OR the kids I have been loving acai bowls – made with pure organic acai powder, frozen berries + banana, chia seeds + raw honey.  Then we add whatever toppings we love to make it look fancy!  Weekends we will dig into eggs, sourdough, organic butter, avocado, tomatoes, etc I could go on + on!  Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day.

 What would we always find in your fridge?

You will find a selection of organic milks (full cream, almond + coconut), fresh pesto (great to toss over gluten free pasta), sauerkraut, smoked salmon, olives, organic cheese, bliss balls and loads of fruits + veg!

 What are your favourite snacks?

I have 2 go-to protein balls that I make weekly (a raw caramel and a cacao one), nuts, coco yoghurt with seeds + berries, or veggies sticks + hummus)

How do you keep fit?

I have found that HIIT-style classes are great for keeping me fit + injury free.  I will do 1 or 2 of these in the week and add a boxing class too – I do find that ‘over-training’ can be an issue for me; especially for my adrenals, so I listen to my body and always have a day off in between these higher intensity classes to recover and make sure I do at least 1 yoga class and an outdoor walk to balance things out.

What is your favourite motivational quote?

tough times never last, but tough people do” is one I read a while ago and I think it is great for changing your lifestyle to a fit and healthy one.

What goals are you trying to nail at the moment?

Oh at the moment, I am about to launch an on-line store on my website; where I will be delivering healthy treats to the local community, very exciting!  Also we are moving house soon so mastering some mindfulness and trying to keep calm would have to be a big goal for me at the moment!

My passion is to share the healthy love with other families and to help them reach their potential in terms of living a healthy, balanced, yummy life.  Think, real food, healthy home, activity, mindfulness and loads of cooking!  I believe the way to a happy family most certainly starts with health and nutrition. I am inspired daily by my two little “B’s” and love nothing more than to educate others on how to raise thriving healthy little ones.Wow!  I’m inspired Kim, thanks so much for adding your inspirational vibe to our blog.  Stay in touch!

Be in touch with Kim over on her fabulously informative website The Healthy Little B

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