Improving Exercise Performance

Improving Exercise Performance

Exercise performance, general health, mental clarity, weight loss and sports recovery can all be enhanced with optimal nutrition.

Exercise Performance Nutrition

It is best to train on virtually an empty stomach.  However, your body needs to be well nourished and hydrated to have enough glycogen so your body can perform in the best physical condition.  Glucose is stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen.  When we exercise the liver breaks down its glycogen and releases the glucose into the bloodstream for energy. The muscles use this glucose as well as their own glycogen that is stored in the muscle to work. When our glycogen store is low we start to get tired and our performance is affected.


Satisfies energy requirements and may support muscle recovery after training. Quality is essential when it comes to carbs.  However, some athletes are ditching the carbs.


We need quality protein for; growing, repairing, replacing tissue, quick recovery, and optimal performance.  The body prefers to reserve its protein stores for functional purposes rather than for energy use.  Endurance training increases your protein requirements, as your body is continually repairing and adapting in response.  Improve exercise performance with protein pacing.  A high-quality protein snack half an hour before may improve exercise performance.  Improve exercise performance with three meals plus snacks. On days when you train harder keep your three meals the same size but increase nourishing snacks.

Healthy Fats

They are the other primary fuel for muscles. Healthy fats are the building blocks for cell walls, hormones and so much more.  Healthy fats help transport vitamins A, D, E, K and are essential for lowering inflammation.


Keep your body hydrated!  Love your water!  We also love coconut water and/or Replenish as a natural electrolyte drink.  Replenish has all the essential nutrients to help power you through a workout.  A formulated sports drink mix to optimize hydration to help sustain performance and support faster recovery after exercise.

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