How To Lose Weight When You Are Busy Working

How To Lose Weight When You Are Busy Working

I need to lose weight but I’m so busy working.  Sound familiar?  I hear it a lot!  And this was my story as well.  Boosting our metabolism and protein pacing are equally important aspects of weight loss.  We need to get our metabolic rate pumping. But when will you have enough time if you are so busy at work?  This was exactly my situation and it’s why our nutrition program is perfect for busy working people.  Especially office workers like me.  The key to boosting metabolic rate is increasing the mitochondrial number and improving thermogenesis.  The most highly thermogenic tissues are muscle.  To activate mitochondrial biogenesis and thermogenesis there are several things we can do and eat including; exercise, calorie restriction, omega 3 fatty acids, and phytonutrients like green tea.

Mitochondrial Energy Production

I have clients who scarcely eat all day.  They have dietary records that would leave most of us ravenous.  However, they still find it impossible to lose weight.  Often with obesity, the mitochondrial energy production becomes compromised.  Obesity may also be compromised by inflammation and oxidative stress. When energy can’t be processed through the mitochondrial and translated into ATP, it may accumulate as fat within the cells.  This simple biochemical pathway provides a wealth of explanation in tired, overweight clients.  I find supporting mitochondrial function with key nutrients effective for most clients.  These key nutrients include; vitamin B’s, magnesium, calcium and carnitine.  All these essential nutrients are in our 30-day superfood nutrition program.  They provide considerable improvements in energy levels and metabolic rate. Calcium is increasingly being shown to be an important weight loss nutrient.

Unhealthy Fat Cells

Fat cells secrete a wealth of mediators.  They may be a significant driver of chronic disease-related insulin resistance and inflammation. Not all fat is equal in its activity, with visceral fat known to be more metabolically disruptive than subcutaneous fat.  When adipose tissue becomes dysfunctional in an environment with excessive calories, fatty acids may begin accumulating in dangerous places.  This may impair the function of vital organs such as the heart, the liver, the pancreas.  The hallmarks of metabolic syndrome and diabetes include fatty organs.  Additionally, reducing systemic inflammation also improves metabolic health.  Especially relevant is a protein pacing diet as one of the best ways to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation.  In addition, this type of diet may help with the loss of visceral fat and a fatty liver.

Exercise And Protein Diet

Protein pacing is effective for weight loss.  A fully researched study shows women who followed this diet and exercised enhanced their weight loss.  This also enhanced their muscular endurance, strength, power, and cardiovascular health. Exercise including resistance, interval, stretching, and endurance training.

30-Day Superfood Nutrition Program

Our nutrition program is a highly effective system for weight loss.  It is an easy to follow nutritional system which incorporates effortlessly into daily lives globally.  Many diets compromise health for the sake of weight loss.  Our 30-day superfood nutrition program improves health as a beneficial side effect to losing weight.

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