Health & Wellness Coaching Package

Health & Wellness Coaching Package

Bespoke package perfect for those diagnosed with a health condition or who require a complete overhaul to their health.

2 x 60-minute phone or Skype health and wellness coaching.

Full health assessment and dietary history.

Dietary evaluation and re-modeling for an individualised health and wellness plan.

Recommendation where necessary for nutritional supplementation.

Nourishment and support to empower you, your health and happiness

I will guide you through the maze of conflicting health information out there.

Assess your progress and make changes in your treatment plan where needed.

Continue to introduce new food ideas to keep your dietary intake exciting and interesting.

Educate you on the best nutritional choices for your body, so you have the tools to use long term.

Complimentary ebook ‘Kickstart Your Health’.

Complimentary ebook ‘Wellness From Your Plate’.

We will figure out what is right for you, your body and your lifestyle.

Full email support.


Health & Wellness Coaching Package $200.00

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