Foods To Help Boost Your Immunity

Foods To Help Boost Your Immunity

Boost your immunity before and throughout winter to thrive through the winter season.  My kitchen is stocked with these foods throughout the year, but during winter we eat a lot more of them.  These foods are full of nutritional goodness my whole family love.  I love winter.  It’s the time of year for soups, stews, mugs of tea, big jumpers and roaring up our fire.

Boost Your Immunity

Oranges, Lemons & Grapefruit – packed with vitamin C and may help reduce the length and severity of colds.

Garlic & Onion – contain a phytochemical called allium, which may help reduce the severity of colds and is great for decongesting the respiratory tract.

Green Tea – who doesn’t love a good cuppa?  Sometimes I enjoy my green tea with a slice of ginger, and/or a slice of lemon.  Green tea is full of antioxidants.  Antioxidants help boost our immune system and fight off bacteria and viruses.

Ginger Tea – has several bacteria-fighting properties that may help suppress a cold. Ginger is great for relieving any nausea and may suppress continual coughing.

Liquorice Tea – is wonderful for suppressing a cough and a tickly throat. Manuka honey to increase anti-bacterial properties.

Manuka Honey – add a teaspoon to increase anti-bacterial properties of your cuppa and soothe a cough.

Lean, grass-fed red meat – enjoyed in moderation may boost the immune system and help fight anaemia and feelings of lethargy.  Too much red meat may cause congestion.

Oysters – are one of the richest sources of zinc.  Oysters may help with the development of white blood cells, our body’s natural immunity boosters.

Wasabi & Chilli – hot and spicy foods may decongest and warm the body to ease chills and fever.

Chicken and Lemongrass Soup – contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease chest infections and reduce chills and fever.  Soups help keep mucous secretions thin, therefore making the mucous more able to be released by coughing.

Supplements – a superior multi-vitamin and mineral including a good dose of vitamin A, C, D, zinc, probiotics.  Probiotics help keep the bacteria in our gut balanced.  Balancing our gut bacteria supports our immunity because 70% of our immune system may be in our gut.

Lifestyle Tips

Especially relevant are lifestyle habits for boosting your immunity.  The team over at The Juice Daily have a post full of lifestyle tips to help boost our immunity.

Additionally, it is really important to remove all mucus forming foods.  Mucus forming foods include; dairy, bananas, eggs, sugar, white wheat flour, saturated fats and cold sugary drinks. Ensure to include other calcium foods to keep optimum calcium levels. Sometimes the added support of a supplement can help.

Nic Makim is a nutritionist & health coach focusing on weight loss, cleansing, vitality and healthy ageing.  Nic tailors nutrition programs and coaching to help you feel your best.

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