Family Fitness

Family Fitness

Family fitness, as a mother of two young kids, juggling work, school commitments, animals, housework etc. can be a workout itself! So how do we incorporate physical activity into our lifestyle with so many other obligations?

Being an active family = adventure and discovery! While you don’t have to be running your own mini boot camps every Saturday (although this is quite fun every now and then), you and your family CAN be active with a less formal approach.


Start with some bush walks and make the adventure fun and educational. Kids seem to be pre-occupied with scenery and discovery and forget about ‘how much further…’. Take a picnic morning tea and pretend you are explorers! Why not try some easy mountain climbs too?


Bike rides and scooter rides are great – you could take a brisk walk/run while they ride if you don’t have a bike.


Kids love to dance – if it’s a rainy day put on some music and get your groove on. This will burn more calories than you think!


Beach cricket/soccer is always fun and running in the sand is great for building little leg muscles!


If you have a trampoline – 10 minutes of jumping on the tramp with the kids is a good work out too. Plus who doesn’t want to feel like a kid again?

Set aside an afternoon or day each week to just be outdoors and be a family. See new sights, walk new paths and enjoy being able to move! The kids will love the adventure and want to do it regularly.

Being a role model for your family by leading an active and healthy lifestyle will motivate your kids to grow up making healthy and wise life choices. So plan some fun and rewarding activities this weekend and get your family moving.

Yours in Health & Fitness – Brooke (Personal Trainer and Mover and Shaker for the Conlan Family!) x

Guest Post By Brooke Conlan – www.fitsistar.com.au

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