Interviews are a section of my blog where I want to introduce you to people who inspire me.  Along my journey, I have met some incredible people.  I’m still having the honor of stumbling across awesome people who really flick my switch and I want to give them a big shout out to you all.

Interview: Angela Berry

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Angela Berry is a fellow yogini, cook, blogger and final-year student at the department of nutrition and dietetics at School of life and Environmental Science in Sydney.  Angela has written a very helpful article for us on our blog and leads a healthy life.  Cooking and creating recipes are her passions. Welcome To Our Team! […]

Interview: Kim Holmes, Nutritionist

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Kim Holmes Nutritionist is a wife and mother, who knows all too well about creating healthy families.  Having further studied childhood nutrition, keeping my family happy and healthy is what I was born to do.  I spent 10 years as a flight attendant.  Working crazy hours, eating what I thought was healthy food.  I knew […]

Interview: Penny Wort, WellBeing Business

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WellBeing Business is an online magazine for the incredible business owners in the Aussie health & wellness space.  We share best practice tips, interview real success stories, share inspiration for people to grow their business and also look after themselves.  Penny is the driving force behind this inspiring magazine.  We are thrilled to have you […]

Interview: Samantha Lippiatt, Health & Fitness Travel

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Samantha Lippiatt is an entrepreneur, healthy lifestyle advocate and co-founder of Australia’s first wellness travel company Health and Fitness Travel.  A company specializing in creating exceptional healthy holidays around the world. Samantha has an unbridled enthusiasm for all things travel, health and fitness.  Samantha is committed to providing healthy holiday options that not only enhance but change […]

Interview: Lorna Garden, HippyLuxe

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Lorna Garden the creator and director of HippyLuxe. HippyLuxe is an app designed to help us discover fit, healthy, organic and inspiring cafes and restaurants. Special dietary needs like gluten free or vegan.  Inspiring produce, creative raw desserts and beautiful presentation served with love and passion.  The food styling over at HippyLuxe is incredible.  I love Lorna’s work […]

Interview: Honor Tremain, Nutritionist

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Honor Tremain is a nutritionist who has been working in the health industry for the past 20 years.  Honor has dedicated her life to finding the truth which lies under the hype of most current fad diets and nutrition trends.  She became a writer 8 years ago with her own column and journalism for the global […]

Interview: Alison Morgan, Relauncher

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Alison Morgan, founder of Relauncher is an absolute trail blazer in the wellness world.  Everyone loves her and her infectious enthusiasm that captivates audiences across Australia.  The wellness world is full of so many amazing people and Alison is definitely one of them.  Alison is a specialist in Health & Wellness Business Coaching working closely […]

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