Fitness training and sports performance can be improved enormously with optimum nutrition.  I love working with clients who are trying to improve their fitness training and sporting performance.

Smoothies For Vitality

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Smoothies are such a nutritiously convenient way to fuel the body.  Many don’t have time to create a nutritious meal for their whole family all the time.  For busy working mothers, sporting teenagers, exhausted and stressed clients I suggest a 30-day nutrition program.  The program includes superfood smoothies twice a day.  They are packed with […]

Core Strength Is Key To Optimal Fitness

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Core strength isn’t something I happily fit into my fitness routine, but I so need to.  Lately, we have been enjoying running around our track which includes running, or sometimes walking, up this hill surrounded by rainforest and birds.  I need to set up some workout stations around the track and implement some of Brooke’s […]

Family Fitness

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Family fitness, as a mother of two young kids, juggling work, school commitments, animals, housework etc. can be a workout itself! So how do we incorporate physical activity into our lifestyle with so many other obligations? Being an active family = adventure and discovery! While you don’t have to be running your own mini boot […]

Enhance Your Training Performance

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Enhance your training performance with a balanced sports nutrition program.  Create meals and snacks with a mixture of quality protein, complex low glycemic index carbohydrates, and healthy fats.  Keep hydrated for effective training performance. Training Performance And Nutrient Timing Nutrient timing enhances your training performance.  Pre-workout, mid-workout and post-workout are important stages for nutrient requirements. Pre-Workout […]

Sports Nutrition Shopping List

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Sports nutrition can enhance training and exercise performance enormously.  My ebook Wellness From Your Plate gives you an extensive shopping list but here are some of my favourite real foods for enhancing training and sporting performance. Quality Carbohydrates Quinoa Oats Buckwheat Brown rice Beans Sweet potato Lean Protein Beef Cheese Chicken Eggs Lamb Nuts Whey […]

Whey Protein For Sports Nutrition

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Whey protein is a good quality protein excellent for sports nutrition.  Whey protein is also great for weight loss, wound healing, immune support, blood sugar management, healthy aging, and vitality. Why Whey Protein It is a naturally occurring protein found in dairy milk.  It is a rich source of essential amino acids needed on a […]

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