Business tips and tricks that I love for my health and wellness online business.

Being Authentic

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Being authentic is all about you being you!  It’s not about being better than anyone else.  Other people’s material stuff has no benefit to me.  But how you feel and whether you look happy that has a direct effect on me.  If I see someone walking with a slightly sassy strut or someone smiling from […]

My Story

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I’m sharing my story to explain what a french trained foodie and a fully qualified holistic nutritionist is doing selling ‘stuff’ from a box?  And why the ‘stuff’ in the box, which has transformed my health, is now an integral part of my health business.  I love helping people look and feel their best.  I […]

As A Fellow Working Mum

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As a fellow working mum, I am juggling family, work and life.  I’m so grateful for it!  Totally grateful!  I have three awesome kids, a gorgeous husband, a roof over our heads and my own business.  Especially relevant is we are all happy and healthy.  Us little lot happy and healthy is all I really […]

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