Alkalizing foods are so important in today’s fast-paced world of eating on the run, stress and quick meals.  Foods which cause acidity in our bodies are refined sugar, white flour products, meat, and alcohol.  To balance these acid forming foods and habits I try to increase the amount of alkalizing foods in our diets.

When our bodies become too acidic, our body uses up our reserves of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and iron.  These minerals are essential for a healthy nervous system and for strong bones, joints, and muscles.

Tested Travelling Tips To Look And Feel Your Best

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I hope these travelling tips help your next flight be more comfortable and enjoyable.  I love flying and travelling.  All the different people, cultures, colours, tastes and places to create life long memories.  There’s an art to feeling and looking your best when travelling.  Travelling can be exhausting.  Dry air on the plane, crappy food […]

Powerful Leafy Vegetables

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Green leafy vegetables are powerhouses of nutrients brimming with fibre, vitamins, minerals and plant-based substances that enhance optimal health.  The darker green the leaf, the better for our health. The richness in colour directly translates to a greater abundance of antioxidants and vitamins packed into the leaves. Green Leafy Vegetables Kale An excellent source of […]

Alkalizing Salad Dressing

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Alkalizing building foods are a fantastic strategy for reducing our bodies acidic wastes.  Acid waste within our body may cause many health conditions.  One of the most common complaints I hear from women is tiredness, fatigue or a general feeling of being run-down.  Alkalising the diet for these complaints has fantastic results. Alkalizing Building Foods Fresh vegetables. Raw juices, […]

How To Get Glowing Skin With Real Foods

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Glowing skin is one of the wonderful side kicks of nourishing your body with real foods.  Many women I see complain of dull, tired skin, dry hair and brittle, breaking nails. Women prone to these issues are often busy people who don’t have a regular, balanced diet.  Nourishing with small amounts of a wide variety […]

Alkalizing Your Body

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Alkalizing your body I believe is fundamental for weight loss, mental clarity, vitality, and healthy aging.  When the body is acidic, your pH is too low.  When the body become too acidic, we’re more likely to suffer from many health conditions including; acne and rosacea, anxiety weight gain or a weight loss plateau.  Cucumbers and lemons promote […]

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