As A Fellow Working Mum

As A Fellow Working Mum

As a fellow working mum, I am juggling family, work and life.  I’m so grateful for it!  Totally grateful!  I have three awesome kids, a gorgeous husband, a roof over our heads and my own business.  Especially relevant is we are all happy and healthy.  Us little lot happy and healthy is all I really want and need.  So I’m just like most other mothers out there.

I Want It All

What more could I ask for?!  Well, nothing really.  But you see I want it all!  Not in an out there ‘I’ve got it all’ kinda way.  My ‘want it all’ desire comes from feeling my best so I can soak up every second of my incredible life.  I don’t think my life is any better than anyone else’s.  It is just incredible to me.  Choosing a healthy lifestyle also comes from a ‘god life can be cruel and short’.  I know I’ve been there.  And to be honest I am terrified of any of us being diagnosed any big ‘d’ word.  There is no point to any of this without us feeling our best.

Juggling As A Working Mum

But this juggling ‘lark’ is challenging.  And that’s where the ‘I want everything’ comes in.  We are all busy working, trying and playing hard.  But, there is no point doing any of it unless we are happy.  My business is part of my healthy lifestyle.  I could easily go and get a job and work hard to help someone else create their dream. But I’ve got my own dreamy empire to build.  I have always been self-employed, I love it.  Lucky that ‘cos I am effectively unemployable.

Why I Love My Gig

I love my business because I get such a kick out of other people looking and feeling their best.  I could go on and on.  But, really, who the hell would employ me?!!  “Thanks! I’d love the job but did I mention that I can’t get to work until 8.30am, some days it might be 9.00am.  I will be leaving the office at 3.30pm some days and 4.30pm at the latest on other days.  I am unable to work on weekends.  Oh and if any of my kids are playing sport, or are not at school I won’t be coming to work.  Oh yeah, one other thing, I won’t be in the office for 14 weeks (school holidays) of the year.  For those 14 weeks, I can work a few hours at home if the work is online.”  As if I’d get any job after that spiel!  So at the end of the day, I also I love my gig because I can work online at all hours of the day and night but most importantly around my children’s busy lives.

It’s Your Choice

Thousands of mothers have a job working for other people and fabulous careers that fit perfectly around their children.  And that’s fantastic!  I’m envious in some way but in other ways, I’m not.  I love my own gig.  No one is better than anyone else.  Fact!  Ever!!!  It’s just my choice of lifestyle.  You choose your life and moves you play.  It’s all good so long as your choices are making you feel your best.  I work more hours during the week in my health business than I did with my cafe.  But without the stress.  I loved my cafe, it rocked 7 days a week with a team of 12 other little rockers.  But it didn’t help me feel my best, so I sold it.  A choice.  It’s all a choice.

And effectively that’s what I do.  I help my clients feel their best.  Weight loss and vitality are usually the areas of health I am helping with.  Is what you are doing working for you?

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