Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Anti-inflammatory foods may help many health conditions.  Any health condition ending in ‘itis’, is an inflammatory condition.  Part of the body is inflamed.  Muscle, joints, the gut or respiratory tract.  It is often a sign that our body is reacting, or overreacting, to something.  Sometimes, if our bodies are deficient in healthy fats, some vitamin B’s and C, zinc, or magnesium we may have a stronger tendency towards inflammatory conditions.  The source of irritation needs to be identified and removed.  There is no point calming down inflammation if the source of the irritation remains.  Many suffer from painful, aching joints, using painkillers as a form of pain relief. There are many other ways to reduce pain and inflammation without taking drugs.

Foods With Anti-inflammatory Nutrients

Red onions – quercetin

Turmeric – curcumin

Olives – oleocanthal

Pineapple – bromelain

Berries and broccoli – vitamin C is an antihistamine

Eggs, onion, and garlic – sulfur

Oily fish, chia seeds – omega-3 fats

Inflammatory Foods

Several foods which raise several inflammatory markers in the body include; red meat, capsicum, tomato, eggplant, milk, processed foods, sugar, coffee, and alcohol

Reducing Pain And Inflammation

Most noteworthy identify and avoid the allergen causing inflammation.

Most of all increase antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods.

Probably supplement with anti-inflammatory nutrients including glucosamine and healthy fats.

Maybe cleanse with a nutrition program.

Especially relevant for helping calm gut inflammation is a nutrient called L-glutamine.

Finally, drink filtered water to flush out toxins that trigger inflammation.

Nutrition Program For Inflammation

In conclusion, a combination of a poor diet, alcohol, drugs, previous injuries, and infections may lead to inflammatory conditions.  Cleansing and a nutrition program have helped many with inflammatory conditions.  Balancing the beneficial bacteria in the gut and improving the elimination pathways of the liver helps enormously with inflammatory conditions.  Each pathway depends on a sequence of enzymes, themselves dependent on nutrients.

Nic Makim is a nutritionist & health coach focusing on weight loss, cleansing, vitality and healthy aging.  Nic tailors nutrition programs and coaching to help you feel your best.

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