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Nic Makim offers what you need to know about NUTRITION and how REAL FOOD can change the way you THINK, FEEL and LOOK.

Nic tailors a wide variety of health and wellness packages full of nourishing and delicious foods that will support your specific health condition.

Leverage your health off  20+ years of tips and secrets from a qualified nutritionist, naturopath, blogger, cordon bleu cook and former cafe owner.

Vibrant health is not about restricting and punishing, it’s all about balance and juicing up those taste buds.

Eating well makes you feel INCREDIBLE!

Nutrition Consultation

Find the triggers and drivers of any symptom and balance from the inside out with real food to support your innate healing abilities.…

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Food as Medicine

As my knowledge about the medicinal powers of food grew, I started experimenting and switching some ingredients to healthier...

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Real Food Recipes

Delicious, wholesome food full of nutritional goodness. Get into Nic's Kitchen and learn what healthier alternatives your pantry needs...

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Meet Nic

Slightly obsessed foodie, nutritionist, naturopath, blogger, cordon bleu cook and former cafe owner who loves sharing...

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Eat Real Foods


I have written E-Books which are helpful for those who are not sure whether they are heading down the right track...

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A great place to go and interact with others from around the world or join in on conversations as they happen...

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